Three Questions Entering Opening Night in the NBA

NBA Opening Night!

NBA Opening Night!


Who cares about watching the Orlando Magic get pummeled by the Indiana Pacers (-12)?

I do! I do!

Is it because the Magic have no one who can cover Paul George, and I happen to enjoy his dynamic offensive game? Is it because I wagered on Victor Oladipo to win rookie of the year at 9/2? Or is it because I want to take the Pacers in a 4 point teaser?

Editor’s note: I’m not addicted to gambling; I’m just addicted to fun. 

Can the Bulls back up Bill Simmons and make a statement in game 1 against the Heat (-5) with D-Rose back?

It’s not a question of whether or not the Bulls can win in Miami – we know they can. They made the second-round last season without their fearless leader and former-MVP. Additionally notable, sources say Derrick Rose has added 5 inches to his vertical leap – is that even fathomable? The real question is, “can the Bulls take it to the Heat and win by double digits in Miami?”

Excited? Me too.

How many shots will Nick Young take for the Lakers (+9.5) in tonight’s pseudo home game against the Clippers?

Fresh off mojo-boosting performances in the Drew League, LA’s culty’ Pro-Am summer league, Nick Young is ready to hoist up some J’s – cough cough. Cue the dented rims! He’s actually not a bad shooter (43% FG / 36% 3PT), he just seems to shoot too much.

To run a quick test – Nick Young averages 9.7 shots per game in 23.1 minutes per game. A comparable, but better high-volume shooter that came to mind when thinking about Young, opposing guard, Jamal Crawford, averages 13.1 shots per game in 31.6 minutes per game over his career. But who is the more frequent shooter?

And, the numbers say…. Nick Young by a nose!

Nick Young – .419 shots per minute / 2.38 minutes per shot

Jamal Crawford – .414 shots per minute / 2.41 minutes per shot


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